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FEDARIN MIALBS PRIVATE LIMITED (Reg No: CIN U74999KL2017PTC051165) is a private limited company in India, with its registered office at Sreekandapuram, 670631, Kannur, Kerala. The company was instituted under the leadership of Sri Chandran Nambiar K C and Dr Santhakumar (Srilanka),  who has been involved since long years in conducting various research works and other activities for the scientific advancement of  HOMEOPATHY. His monumental work ‘REDEFINING HOMEOPATHY’  published by Fedarin Mialbs is paving a new path in whole area of medical science, by explaining the biological mechanism of ‘high dilution therapeutics’ involved in homeopathy, in a way fitting to the paradigms and methods of modern scientific knowledge system. This novel theoretical system explaining homeopathic potentization and potentized drugs in terms of ‘molecular imprinting’ is known as MIT or Molecular Imprints Therapeutics. He has also developed a homeopathic software named Similimum Ultra. Based on the concepts discussed in his book, he has developed more than 200 DISEASE-SPECIFIC formulations of post-avogadro dilutions which are expected to revolutionize homeopathic practice in coming days. To know the gravity and magnitude of works done so far, visit his blog www.redefininghomeopathy.com, as well as his website www.fedarinmialbs.com


MIT or Molecular Imprints Therapeutics refers to a scientific hypothesis that proposes a rational model for biological mechanism of homeopathic therapeutics.

According to MIT hypothesis, potentization involves a process of ‘molecular imprinting’, where in the conformational details of individual drug molecules are ‘imprinted’ or engraved as hydrogen-bonded three dimensional nano-cavities into a supra-molecular matrix of water and ethyl alcohol, through a process of molecular level ‘host-guest’ interactions. These ‘molecular imprints’ or ‘hydrosomes’ are the active principles of post-avogadro dilutions used as homeopathic drugs.

Due to ‘conformational affinity’, molecular imprints can act as ‘artificial key holes’ or ‘ligand binds’ for the specific drug molecules used for imprinting, and for all pathogenic molecules having functional groups ‘similar’ to those drug molecules. When used as therapeutic agents, molecular imprints selectively bind to the pathogenic molecules having conformational affinity and deactivate them, thereby relieving the biological molecules from the inhibitions or blocks caused by pathogenic molecules. According to MIT hypothesis, this is the biological mechanism of high dilution therapeutics involved in homeopathic cure.

According to MIT hypothesis, ‘Similia Similibus Curentur’ means, diseases expressed through a particular group of symptoms could be cured by ‘molecular imprints’ forms of drug substances, which in ‘molecular’ or crude forms could produce ‘similar’ groups of symptoms in healthy individuals. ‘Similarity’ of drug symptoms and diseaes indicates ‘similarity’ of pathological molecular inhibitions caused by drug molecules and pathogenic molecules, which in turn indicates conformational ‘similarity’ of functional groups of drug molecules and pathogenic molecules. Since molecular imprints of ‘similar’ molecules can bind to ‘similar’ ligand molecules by conformational affinity, they can act as therapeutic agents when applied as indicated by ‘similarity of symptoms’.

Nobody in the whole history could so far propose a hypothesis about homeopathy as scientific, rational and perfect as MIT, explaining the molecular process involed in potentization, and the biological mechanism involved in ‘similia similibus curentur’, in a way fitting well to modern scientific knowledge system.


MIT will make you a better homeopath, with better knowledge, better vision, better skills and better performance!

Once you understand MIT, you will realize that concepts such as ‘internal essence of drug substance’, ‘dynamic drug energy’, ‘drug personality’ etc are all scientifically baseless, and that the medicinal property of drug substance is decided by the structure and properties of constituent molecules, where as the medicinal properties of potentized drugs are decided by the 3-d configuration of molecular imprints they contain.

Once you understand MIT, you will realize that when applied as similimum, potentized drug does not act as a ‘whole’ unit, but it is the individual constituent ‘molecular imprints’ that independently bind to the pathogenic molecules having conformational affinity, remove pathological molecular inhibitions and cure the disease.

Once you understand MIT, you will realize that during ‘drug proving’, drug substance does not act as a ‘whole’ unit, but it is the individual constituent drug molecules that independently act up on the biological molecules, cause molecular inhibitions and produce symptoms.

Once you understand MIT, you will realize that since molecular imprints do not interact each other, and since they act as individual units when applied as therapeutic agents, there cannot by any harm even if we mix two or more potentized drugs together, or prescribe them simultaneously- they will work.

Once you understand MIT, you will realize that even so-called ‘single drugs’ are not really single, but combinations of diverse types of independent ‘molecular imprints’, representing diverse types of drug molecules, acting as independent units upon pathogenic molecules having configurational affinity and removing molecular inhibitions

Once you understand MIT, you will realize that ‘molecular imprints’ forms of drugs cannot interact each other, and as such, one cannot antidote another, or act inimical to each other.

Once you understand MIT, you will realize that there is no chance of so-called aggravations, suppressions, provings or any other harm even if ‘wrong’ drug, ‘wrong’ potency or ‘untimely repetitions are used, if you are using only ‘molecular imprints’ forms of drugs.

Once you understand MIT, you realize that selecting drug, potency, dose and follow up and getting cure are not a so much complex thing as we are made to believe.


MIT PROTOCOL is essentially a scientific technique of combining ‘constitutional drugs’ and ‘miasmatic drugs’ of the individual patient with the ‘disease-specific formulations’ of post avogadro dilutions, so as to produce ‘total cure prescriptions’

MIT PROTOCOL of homeopathic practice evolved from MIT concepts of scientific homeopathy, basic principles of which are explained in the  book REDEFINING HOMEOPATHY.  As such, one should study REDEFINING HOMEOPATHY thoroughly in order to master MIT PROTOCOL.

As per MIT PROTOCOL, each prescription will include three parts:

  1. CONSTITUTIONAL DRUGS of the patient selected on the basis of mental symptoms and physical generals,
  2. ANTI-MIASMATIC DRUGS or NOSODES selected on the basis of previous history of INFECTIONS and VACCINATIONS,

Such a three-pronged prescription is called TOTAL CURE PRESCRIPTIONS, since it offers TOTAL cure for the patients. With MIT PROTOCOL , we can confidently guarantee cure in any disease that is not caused by chromosome abnormalities.


FEDARIN MIALBS PRIVATE LIMITED has decided to set up MIT NETWORK CLINICS in various locations in India as well as other countries, where treatment will be provided to all kinds of diseases on the basis of MIT PROTOCOL of scientific homeop athy.


Any homeopath with a BHMS or equivalent degree and registration with concerned medical council is eligible to establish an MIT NETWORK CLINIC at any place he prefer, on following conditions:
Any homeopath with a BHMS or equivalent, and registration with concerned medical council is eligible to establish an MIT NETWORK CLINIC at any place he prefers, on following conditions:
1. He should be willing to study and follow MIT PROTOCOL of homeopathic practice,
2. He should be ready to establish a clinic of his own with minimum standards set by us,
3. He should be capable of investing minimum three lacs rupees to buy MIT FORMULATIONS.
Those who are interested in establishing a MIT NETWORK CLINIC may send their resume to similimum@gmail.com. Registration could be done by depositing Rs 3,00,000 to Fedarin Mialbs Account. Once registration is done, we will sign an a MoU specifying terms and conditions of our relationship. Once this procedure is completed, the applicant will be licensed to use and display the title and logo of MIT NETWORK CLINIC of scientific homeopathic practice at their premises.
Once a homeopath is registered as a member of MIT NETWORKS CLINIC,
1. He should undergo the necessary theoretical and practical training in MIT PROTOCOLS conducted by Fedarin Mialbs Private Limited. Best option is to attend a THREE days rigorous training at our headquarters, but if anybody want to do it in distance mode, that also is possible.
2. We will provide a copy of Similimum Ultra Homeopathic Software free of cost, and impart training on how to use it effectively.
3. One copy of the book REDEFINING HOMEOPATHY shall be given free of cost. It is essential that it should be studied well to master MIT PROTOCOLS.
4. ALL MIT FORMULATIONS will be provided regularly as per demand at dealership prices.
5. MIT FORMULATIONS will be distributed only to MIT NETWORK CLINICS.
6. Will give continuous guidance and training for establishing successful practice,
7. Fedarin Mialbs will ensure maximum promotion and publicity for MIT NETWORK CLINICS and MIT PROTOCOL through our websites, media advertisements and social media promotions.
8. Since MIT PROTOCOL is the most perfect method of scientific homeopathic practice, success will be guaranteed for those who practice it diligently.

MIT PROTOCOL OF SCIENTIFIC HOMEOPATHY is found to be highly effective in all kinds ofacute diseases, chronic diseases, autoimmune diseases,life stylediseases, and so-called incurable diseases.


DISEASE-SPECIFIC combinations of drugs in post-avogadro dilutions formulated on the basis of MIT PRINCIPLES by FEDARIN MIALBS are going to revolutionize homeopathic practice in coming days.
Easy prescribing. Predictable outcome. Total Cure! No more uncertainty. No more hoping for miracles! Homeopathy becomes more simple, more effective, more result oriented and more scientific, with reproducible results!
MIT SUCCESS FORMULA for homeopathic prescribing has finally evolved!
“Combine MIT-based pre-prepared DISEASE-SPECIFIC stock formulations with custom-made PATIENT SPECIFIC constitutional similimum. Guarantee 100℅cure! With confidence!”
We have already developed 200 DISEASE-SPECIFIC formulations of post-avogadro dilutions. More numbers will come in due course. These MIT FORMULATIONS will be made available exclusively for MIT NETWORK CLINICS only, who are willing to practice according to MIT PROTOCOLS of scientific homeopathy. If any homeopath wants to use those drugs, please register immediately for establishing a MIT NETWORK CLINIC. Contact similimum@gmail.com.
We have decided to distribute our MIT FORMULATIONS through MIT NETWORK CLINICS only, and not through other homeopathic medical stores. We wanted to ensure that patients will get our drugs only from a qualified homeopath. If we sell these drugs through distributors and medical stores, it is sure that patients will try to buy it directly from stores, when they are found to be very effective. Unqualified practitioners also will start to prescribe our drugs, which we want to avoid. By distributing MIT FORMULATIONS only through MIT NETWORK CLINICS, we can make it sure that nobody can misuse them. I hope our friends will realize our genuine intention.