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We at FEDARIN MIALBS PRIVATE LIMITED is trying to initiate a scientific revolution in HOMEOPATHY!

Samuel Hahnemann, the great founder of Homeopathy, was born on 10th April 1755 in Germany. He died on 2nd July 1843. ‘Similia Similibus Curentur’ or ‘Likes Cures Like’ is the expression of a universally applicable natural therapeutic law revealed to him as a result of his extraordinary observational skills and ardent study. Based on this fundamental observation of natural curative process hitherto unknown to humanity, Hahnemann laid the foundation for a new therapeutic system called homeopathy. A detailed theoretical frame work and practical tools for this new system of therapeutics were also developed during his later years.

The epoch-making observation of Hahnemann regarding the fundamental law of cure was of so much relevance and implications that it really deserved to be recognized in the history of human knowledge along with Newton’s Theory of Motion, Theory of Gravitation, or Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. It was a grave unpardonable historical blunder on the part of contemporary scientific world that such a recognition did not happen. Had it been possible for them to imbibe Hahnemann’s findings into the existing scientific knowledge system, the fate and course of modern medicine would have been entirely different.

Scientific knowledge of 18th Century Germany was in its early infancy, and obviously, could not recognize the importance of the new therapeutic law discovered by Samuel Hahnemann. The toolbox of contemporary science and technology was not sufficiently equipped to address this task. Naturally, they could not take up the task of assimilating Hahnemann’s findings and propositions, which presented much more complicated theoretical and practical issues that were beyond the boundaries of their mechanistic methodologies. This situation resulted in some sort of willful neglect and apathy from the part of mainstream scientific community towards Hahnemann and his discoveries.

As a simple and effective therapeutic system, free of any fear of unwanted side effects, homeopathy has already gained acceptability to a great extent during the by gone two centuries. The principle of ‘Similia Similibus Curenter’ has sufficiently proved its ‘right of existence’ through thousands and thousands of wonderful cures by homeopaths all over the world. Homeopathy shall be duly recognized and respected as an advanced branch of modern molecular medicine, only when a scientific recreation of its basic principles is attained. Until that happens, acceptance of our claim that homeopathy is a science will remain confined to the dream worlds of homeopaths only!


Time has come for a serious dialogue regarding  a scientific REDEFINING and rational rebuilding of the fundamental principles and methods  of  Homeopathy. Rebuilding of the whole system is essential, to emancipate this powerful therapeutic art from the clutches of unscientific, metaphysical and vitalistic ideologies. Modern scientific knowledge and its technologies have evolved into such a state of maturity that we can now at least attempt with their help to provide a scientific and satisfactory explanation for the centuries-old mysteries and riddles associated with this wonderful therapeutic system. Such a fundamental re-building shall obviously result in finally enthroning homeopathy  on its rightful status as the most advanced branch of modern medical science, unfairly denied for more than last two hundred years. To begin with, it has to attain acceptability among the modern scientific community, at least in terms of methodology, and paradigms.

FEDARIN MIALBS PRIVATE LIMITED is engaged in fundamental research works in homeopathy based on the concept of MIT or MOLECULAR IMPRINTS THERAPEUTICS. In association with Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Institute of Homeopathic Medical Sciences, we have initiated an INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR LEARNING AND RESEARCH IN MOLECULAR IMPRINTED DRUGS (ICLRMID) at Amravati, Maharashtra, India, with Dr. Shrirang Dhole as its head. We have already published a monumental work titled REDEFINING HOMEOPATHY written by Chandran KC, explaining diverse aspects of MIT concepts of scientific Homeopathy. SIMILIMUM ULTRA, our clinical software application for homeopaths has been well accepted by the profession. QUINQUINA HOMEOPATHIC JOURNAL is ready to be released soon. Above all, we are into the manufacturing of a whole new range of disease-specific homeopathic formulations for making homeopathic practice simple and result oriented.


Back in 1800’s, the discovery of Homoeopathy was a great topic of furor among the medical world. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, who was a medical doctor wished to bring some change in the medical practice he was engaged in, which was of little use for the diseased and was many a times a torture. He put forth homeopathy as an answer to these problems in healthcare during his time.

Later, science advanced in leaps and bounds, medical world started gaining improvement in its understanding and applications. The major beneficiary to include every outcome of this technological progress was the medical world itself. Newer inventions and applications emerged every other day in the past centuries and this gave medicine its new name – MODERN MEDICINE, which is existent today with more promising outcomes.

From then on, medicine came to be known as EBM – Evidence Based Medicine. The old school techniques of Empiricism and doctrine of signature were sent for rigorous scientific validation. Today, logical reasoning, hypothesis formation, experimentation and scientific theorization are the common and minimum norms to qualify as an EBM. Every day, we hear about new results and rejections coming out of these processes.


We, at FEDARIN, accepted this challenge and started treading towards its accomplishment, We have realized the dearth of resourses and have fathomed the extend to which we have to travel. We decided to bring together all scientific resourses available today.
Finally, we could arrive at this opportunity to lead the scientific innovation of homeopathy and medicine as a whole by taking up the Molecular Imprints Therapeutics(MIT)Hypothesis, which was devised by Sir K.C.Chandran based on existing scientific evidences.We decided to prove it using scientific methods and develop it to a new medical technology

Our R&D activities is mainly zeroing in on this new technology- Molecularly Imprinted Medicines.Newer target specific drugs based on this novel technology of drugs designing would be created at our facility and sent for clinical trials for validation.So this is going to make some lasting impressions in themedical history and is going to be the affirmative answer to the above mentioned fundamentals asked about homeopathy.
So at FEDARIN, we undertake to lead the change that will revolutionize medical field by introducing an entirely new vista of disease management using Molecularity Imprinted designer drugs and to redefine homeopathy in the language of modern science.
Yes we believe in creating changes..!